ECN Broker: Definition, How It Works, Benefits, and Downsides

Opening a live account with BlackBull takes less than 24 hours and requires minimal information sharing. Once approved and verified, clients can begin trading immediately with as little or as much money as they like – BlackBull Markets doesn’t require a minimum deposit for the ECN Standard account. The brokerage also goes the extra mile to make funding a trading account straightforward and cost-efficient.

ecn stp broker

There are two types of Forex brokers – ECN (Electronic Communication Network) and STP (Straight Through Processing). As a retail trader your orders are classified as ‘sell side’ while the liquidity providers are classified as ‘buy side’ (not to be confused with going long or short/buy or sell). In contrast, STP accounts typically have fewer slippage points when the
market is volatile. There are pros and cons for investors to choosing different
account types based on their individual trading style and needs. In the case of
normal manual trading, the profit is mainly determined by the technology and the
points caught and is less affected by the type of account.

Is ECN or STP Better for Trading Forex?

When Forex brokers’ clients began accumulating experience en masse, a large number of successful traders appeared in the market. When the conflict between brokers and their clients entered a sharp phase, ECN accounts, which excluded the very reason for the conflict, started to gain popularity. ECN brokers were completely transparent and guaranteed every transaction of their clients, but they were still in the minority.

ecn stp broker

The ECN system links major brokers, individual traders, and liquidity providers, enabling them to execute trades directly between themselves without the need for using the services of any middlemen. The FX market is saturated with ultra-volatile assets, and the aspect of risk hedging is particularly relevant for brokers who include in their portfolio such instruments as, for example, digital assets. The ECN/STP model eliminates the scenario where sharp movements in asset prices can take down a brokerage business, as all prices are determined by liquidity providers.


As a result, ECN
accounts typically have lower spreads because they do not involve the same costs
as STP models. ECN brokers are non-dealing desk brokers, meaning that they do not pass on order flow to market makers. Instead, they match participants in a trade electronically and pass the orders to liquidity providers. A No Dealing Desk (NDD) broker routes traders’ orders directly to the interbank market, avoiding broker intervention.

Founded in 2013, Trading Pedia aims at providing its readers accurate and actual financial news coverage. Our website is focused on major segments in financial markets – stocks, currencies and commodities, and interactive in-depth explanation of key economic events and indicators. Such systems were first devised in the early 1990s and were intended for use on the equity trading markets. The entire trading cycle, from the orders’ initiation to their final settlement, is handled automatically without human intervention.

Forex Trading Platforms

Thomas’ experience gives him expertise in a variety of areas including investments, retirement, insurance, and financial planning. Zeal Capital Market (Seychelles) Limited is part of Zeal Group,
which does not accept or offer any products to Hong Kong residents or public. Should you reside outside the US, such as in Australia, the UK or many European countries, you’ll actually find a wider choice of potential brokers that may interest you. Well-respected CFD firms to consider include Pepperstone, FP Markets, IC Markets or OANDA. A Standard account has the spread marked-up by the broker to include their compensation. Choosing the right ECN broker is an important early step on your trading journey.

  • While the structural and processing needs are important for traders, the budgets might often dictate the decision to choose a broker.
  • We at Soft-FX are ready to prove it to you by the example of our products and solutions.
  • With 330 forex pairs to trade and six other asset classes such as indices, cryptos, and bonds, CMC Markets should appeal to traders building diverse portfolios.
  • This means that they have no incentive to manipulate prices or trade against their clients.
  • While BlackBull limits its selection of trading platforms to MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5, it also offers a wide variety of third-party trading tools and add-ons to increase functionality.

In general, ECN firms have a distinct advantage over STP when it comes to providing ample liquidity sources. However, the liquidity capabilities of both broker types must be weighed against their respective values. For example, while STP brokers might offer lower costs, their lackluster liquidity pools might offset the negative impact of decreased trading commissions. Thus, the correct approach is to weigh the positives and negatives of each offering and consider if the corresponding liquidity pools are deep enough for specific trading needs.

What’s the Most Popular Forex Trading Platform in NZ?

To open an ECN forex trading account in the USA, start by choosing a broker like or Interactive Brokers. You’ll need to provide personal information and financial details and possibly answer questions about your trading experience. Liquidity refers to the ability to buy or sell an asset without causing significant price movements.

ecn stp broker

It does this by providing access to information regarding orders being entered, and by facilitating the execution of these orders. The network is designed to match buy and sell orders currently present in the exchange. When specific order information is not available, it provides prices reflecting the highest bid and lowest ask listed on the open market.

Moreover, ECN brokers are available 24/7 and enable continued trading practices, letting traders fulfill their full-time strategies without significant delays. ECN trading is also unbiased toward traders, as ECN brokers do not trade against their customers, providing fewer risks related to conflict of interest. Spreads start at 0.0 pips, Ndf Definition Forexpedia however, traders will pay a NZ$7 commission per round-turn trade. RockGlobal Markets offers a wider range of products to trade as either CFDs or physical assets than most brokerages. Rather than overwhelm new traders with multiple options, Plus500 keeps things simple with a single account type with no commissions when trading forex.

While not as extensive as some of the New Zealand brokers we reviewed, AXI still fields a perfectly suitable range of assets that include stocks, indices and crypto in addition to forex. TMGM also use a liabilities program with a limit of $6,000,000 to cover situations that may lead to financial loss to its clients. This liability insurance covers professional indemnity, statutory liability, crime cover and director and officer liability, among others. Even ECN accounts can have slip-point issues, especially if the market is
volatile or there are clear trends.

Which ECN Broker Offers the Best Leverage in the USA?

It also offers a range of educational resources and excellent customer support, making it a solid choice for those seeking to improve their trading skills. The standard account is designed for beginners with just a spread charged and no commissions. This more straightforward cost structure makes it easier to calculate trading costs for novice traders. In addition, because the broker charges no commissions on trades, spreads are typically wider than other account types.


To begin with, we would like to emphasize that we do not consider the ‘ECN vs STP’ paradigm to be constructive. The main difference between ECN and STP broker models lies in the transaction routing. But here’s the thing — the ECN/STP model turns this difference into an advantage. You can trade with any currency but when you deposit or withdraw it will convert with NZ and there will be conversion costs. Below, you’ll find a list of the FMA-regulated forex and CFD brokers operating in New Zealand.

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